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Store, edit, share, and assign assessments covering the entire Math Medic curriculum.

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Access to the
Math Medic Library of Assessments

The Assessment Platform grants access to ready-to-use homework, quizzes, and tests that align perfectly with Math Medic lesson plans. These assessments draw from the Math Medic pool of questions, which is always being updated.

Build Your Own Assessments or Customize Ours

Add, remove, and re-order questions on assessments. Whether you're customizing a copy of an existing Math Medic assessment or building your own, it's easy to find what you need with questions filtered by course, unit, lesson, format, and difficulty.

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Assign Digitally or Print for Classroom Use

Easily share assessments, like homework assignments, digitally with students by generating unique links or QR codes. Or print assessments, like quizzes and tests, for in-classroom use.

Share Assessments between Teachers

Sharing means assessments can be coordinated quickly across departments and even between schools. Share your assessments and update them live for everyone who has access, or copy assessments you receive and customize them to fit your students' needs.

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